People Development Values

Central to the success of any organisation (despite the cliché) are the people within and the skills and core competencies that they possess. Faraday recognises this and is fully committed to the effective management and development of our employees. A recognised investor in people since 1999 Faraday took the somewhat unusual step for a company of 60 employees and in 2006 employed a full time HR & Training Manager to further emphasise and develop our people management and development systems.

Our core people values are as follows:

  • Learning and development is a central part of what we do and forms a core of our business strategy.
  • All of our employees have the capacity to learn and will be supported and encouraged to do so.
  • All employees will be given the opportunity, where they do not already have them, to gain Literacy and Numeracy skills to a recognised national standard.
  • We are committed to Management and Team Leader development in order to ensure relevant, up-to-date skills among the group that can help us to be efficient and effective in what we do.
  • The ability of staff to make informed decisions during the manufacturing process is key to ensuring quality of product and timely delivery.

In November 2006 Faraday was recognised and commended by Investors in People UK and the Department for Education and Skills for its commitment to staff development through the provision of Literacy and Numeracy skills to all staff. Following the successful presentation of our Skills for Life story at the Sunderland Stadium of Light, as part of an event organised by City of Sunderland College, Faraday was invited to the National Skills for Life Conference in Westminster to give a presentation on how we have effectively tackled the issues around a somewhat sensitive subject for many people.

Faraday employs a fully integrated people management system including induction, job training and coaching, performance appraisal, absence management and so on to ensure our employees are able to fulfil their potential and contribute as much as possible to the organisation.

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