• Sales Office

    Sales Enquiries, Quotations, Order acknowledgements and works order are all handled by our PCP 2000 CIMM.ERP system. Your order is tracked through the system from receipt to final dispatch. Quotations can be generated within minutes of receipt of your data.
  • Engineering and CAM

    Utilising three Mania Barco Ucam+ seats our engineers perform all design and manufacturing rule checks as well as panelisation for cost effective production. Your design data in either Gerber (RS274x preferred) or HPGL can be sent to us either by email attachment or a file upload to this site.
  • Primary Imaging

    Primary imaging is carried out ORC HMW 201B 5kW High Resolution double sided, double drawer Ultra Violet exposure systems. These precision glass to glass systems ensure accurate registration of top and bottom photo-tools on both inner and outer layers.
  • Etch Inner Layers

    Utilising Macdermind Chemistry, inner layer panels are first etched then film stripped on an Adam Pill conveyorised horizontal line. This PLC controlled line incorporates optimised spray bar arrays and SG controlled dosing, providing the consistant etch rates essential for fine line work.
  • AOI

    All inner layers are automatically optically inspected using Camtek Orion 828 systems. This state of the art equipment can inspect 30 micron track and gap technology. Supplied by Adeon Technologies UK Ltd, this equipment is also used to check photo-tools prior to use in the Image area.
  • Multi-Layer Bonding

    Mutli-layer bonding is carried out using a 4 daylight Burkle Vacuum press. This state of the art PLC controlled equipment provides tight control over the recipe cycle ensuring optimum lamination characteristics on every batch.
  • CNC Drilling

    All CNC drilling is performed on Lenz multi-spindle machines. Coupled with Precise Spindles these machines maintain excellent hole quality down to 0.2mm diameter. These machines are supplied and maintained by Technic Electric Ltd.
  • Lead Free HASL

    Lead-Free Hot Air Solder Levelling is performed on a Cemco Quicksilver machine. The finish produced is flat enough for Surface Mount Device (SMD) technologies. For customers requiring other finishes, we can supply Electroless Immersion Nickel Gold, Sterling Silver and OSP.
  • CNC Scoring

    V-scoring is carried out using Telmec SL 13.11 CNC Equipment. Jump scoring accurate to within 25 microns is produced.
  • Develop Solder Mask

    Both Liquid photo-imageable solder mask and photo-imageable dry film are developed on Adam Pill conveyorised lines. PLC controlled and fitted with automatic dosing systems, these lines have tightly controlled operating parameters and produce exeptional result using Elga UK supplied inks and films.
  • Final Profile Routing

    Final profiling is carried out using Seib & Meyer controlled multi-spindle machines supplied and maintained by Technic Electric Ltd.
  • Electrical Test

    Final electronic testing is carried out on one of our Microcraft Emma roving probe machines. These 4 probe machines ensure 100% operational capability of our PCBs. These machines were supplied and are maintained by Viking Test Services.

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