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Specialist UK PCB Manufacturer

Faraday Printed Circuits Ltd is a global PCB manufacturer and supplier of Printed Circuit Boards producing Multilayer, PTH double sided, flexible, flex-rigid and conventional PCB’s. Faraday is dedicated to providing a superlative service to our customers; we tailor our service precisely to your needs, either by UK Manufacturing or Offshore Sourcing.

PCB Products

Faraday manufacture a wide range of PCB types from the most complex Multilayers to the simplest single sided board

Specialist PCB Materials

Used in a wide variety of applications including wireless communications, microwave, and superior thermal management

UK PCB Manufacturing

From design to production all in-house manufacturing is carried out at our Washington Tyne and Wear facility.

Faraday Fast-Track PCB

With 4 Ucam CAD seats at your disposal, Faraday will engineer your raw design data into production data in record time.


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