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CAM Facility:

Our Front End Engineering Department employs four fully automated Ucamco UCAM X seats. Using the latest software, our engineers perform Design Rule Checks (DRC) to ensure all PCB layouts meet our standard manufacturing capabilities. Our ability to carry out customer approved Design For Manufacture (DFM) editing ensures that designs are optimised for our production processes, resulting in high quality product and improved manufacturing yields.

CAM Outputs:

  • Gerber 274x plot data – ManiaBarco Crescent 40 Photoplotter (8000 dpi resolution)
  • Sieb & Meyer 1000 drill & rout data – DNC
  • DPF data – Camtek Automatic Optical Inspection station
  • IPC-D-356A Net data – Emma Roving Probe Testers
  • CNC Scribe data – Engel V-scoring system

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