Telephone: 0191 415 0567

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your standard delivery time?

Our standard lead time is 15 working days. However we regularly ship within 12 working days and can turn boards round in 24 hours when required.


What standards do you manufacture to?

We produce in accordance with IPC 600/6010 with UL approval if required.


Do you manufacture flexible circuits?

Yes we do, and we produce flex-rigids as well.


Can you help with the design of boards?

Our team of engineers works closely with your designers at all times. We an also arrange for your staff to visit our engineering department. We regularly do this for customers who reap the benefits of such a close working relationship.


Are you ROHS compliant?

We certainly are; this is our default mode. However we can supply Tin/Lead finish for customers with exemption.


Can I have any colour solder mask I want?

We can provide any standard colour solder mask at no extra cost, even on prototypes.